Sumerian Queen Magnetic Bracelet

Sumerian Queen Magnetic Bracelet

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Sumerian Queen Magnetic Bracelet

The Sergio Lub Magnetic Sumerian Queen Bracelet is made with brass, silver, copper and 2 strong magnets. The design honors the goddess Ishtar, whose statue Sergio Lub admired when he was in Iran in 1987. Her famous statues show her as one of the first woman to wear bracelets.

Sergio Lub admiring Ishtar Statue in Iran/ Syria 1987

In ancient times, Ishtar was a great mother goddess worshipped by those who believed that life and the universe had a female origin in contrast to those who believed in the theory of male origin. As goddess of Venus, delighting in bodily love, Ishtar was the protectress of prostitutes and the patroness of the alehouse.Her popularity was universal in the ancient Middle East,the area now centred on Iraq and Syria.

Ishtar is also a 1987 American action comedy film written and directed by Elaine May and produced by Warren Beatty, who co-starred with Dustin Hoffman. It is best known as one of Hollywoods biggest failures with tabloid stories of comflicts between the actors, the director and the studio. Today, however, some critics including the N Y Times, now urge you to go see it.