Sticks Sun Moon and Tree Memory Box

Sticks Sun Moon and Tree Memory Box

Code: sticks_small_box_tree_sun_moon

Price: $525.00


This Sticks box is the perfect piece to hold your daily necessities or to use as a sweet little sentimental holder for your most personal things. Made completely by hand, this Sticks box is a true piece of art! A cherry tree with a sun and moon on either side of it is showcased on the lid of the box. Clouds roll along side the sun and star twinkle next to the moon. A piece of wood has been hand carved into a green leaf that is used as a handle to lift open the lid of the box. On the sides of the box it says: "Believe - Sing - Grow - Dream - Love Life". Natural wood branch like legs are on each corner of the box.

The box measures 11 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches tall.