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SKU: 729081 Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth
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  • SKU: 729081 Abundant Earth

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William Hays | Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth by William H. Hays is a 9-color, 9 x 12 linoleum block print from an edition of 41. 

"The words, Abundant Earth came to me when I saw the final colors applied to this composition. When the first settlers came to New England they cleared the land and found a thick layer of rich, dark soil for planting. Farms sprouted up everywhere and eventually, more than 80% of the land was cleared of the forests. Over the centuries, most of the farms were abandoned and the land was left to rest and recover on its own. Today, more than 80% of Vermont is covered with a carpet of verdant life and beauty." - William Hays

  • Measures: Print 9"h x 12"w; Framed 18"h x 22"w; Unframed 16"h x 20w