Custom Make Any Sticks Art Piece

If you are interested in creating your own unique, handcrafted Sticks piece, contact us. We make the process of turning your vision into a reality an easy—and even fun—experience!

We can deal with your order over the phone, but check out our online process as well. The interactive features not only allow you to specify all your wishes in writing but also find inspiration in other items on the website.


Here’s how it works:

1. Start a WISH LIST with sticks pieces with ideas you like. You can find the  WISH LIST link for Sticks Custom at the bottom of all our web pages. 

This allows you to gather items that have elements (color, images, sayings) you want to add to your Custom Sticks piece.

 2.Log in to your account or create one.    

3. Name the wish list you are creating for the specific item you want to make (i.e. Becky’s Bedroom Mirror)

4. Click  “make public” on the wish list or we will not be able to see it and be sure to click "Save"

5. Now you can find items on our web ste and add them to your Wish List.  (Start with the item that is closest to what you want). There is an ADD to WISH LIST BUTTON under every product on our site.

6. Add any other details you want us to know in the notes for each item and click “Save”

7. Purchase the basic item you want to personalize. From the wish list, just add it to your cart & check out.  When you get to the Shipping & Type of Payment Page, you will see an Order Notes Box at the bottom of the page. This is where you write any other details you want in your piece. The notes box will grow to fit whatever you put in it.

Please let us know the name of your wish list and if there is a critical date you want this for.

For us, this is the beginning of your project. We’ll take what you’ve shared with us, go through our design checklist, and get back in touch with you. Nothing is settled or permanent yet. We almost always have questions. We may have some ideas as well. We’ll work with you until we reach the final result: a beautiful, meaningful piece of art that you and your family will treasure always.

Sometimes Sticks will require a 15% customizing fee.  Once we have your info, we will let you know if that is going to be needed or not.


After receiving both your order and the e-mail with your special requests. We’ll confirm with you via e-mail orphone that we’ve received and reviewed your order with special requests.

We are here 7 days a week, so if you have a question, email, call or stop in. ph 802-253-2305 email

Examples of Custom Sticks Art Designs