4 Steps to Make Your Own Custom Sticks Art Piece

Add your own words (a favorite saying, meaningful date, names of people, places, or pets), special colors, or small design changes to any Sticks item. There is No Additional Cost. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a customized Sticks piece arriving at your door before you know it:

Step 1

Add 2, 3 or more Sticks items with an idea, feature or style you like into a “wish list”. The free “Add to Wish List” feature on stowecraft.com allows you to share wish lists with anyone you like.
Include the basic item you want and other pieces with some detail you'd like to see in your custom piece.
Make the wish list “public” and let us know the name of the wish list in step 3.


Step 2

Tell us what detail you like for each of the other items on your wish list. The easiest way is to click the edit button, say what you are thinking about each item and update it. Make sure to click “public” on your wish list or we won't be able to see it.

Step 3

For your basic item- the one that will be custom made for you- click “add to basket” and then check out & purchase this item.

When you get to the Shipping & Type of Payment Page, you will see an Order Notes Box at the bottom of the page. Please write “custom” and the name of your wish list in this box.

Feel free to add any other details - anything you feel we should know - in this box. It will grow to fit whatever you put in it.

Step 4

As soon as we receive your order and the name of your wish list, we will review all the details and be in touch with you to review the project before it is sent to the artists.

Examples of Custom Projects & Some Ideas tro spark your inspiration!


Colors: Maybe you love the overall design of the base piece you purchased but love the colors on another. Just add the piece(s) with the colors you like to your Stowe Craft Wish List.

Images: Say you want a different style landscape from what is on the base piece. Find a Sticks piece (or any art piece on StoweCraft .Com ) which has the look and feel you want. Add that to your Wish List.

Words: Feel free to replace one or all the words and phrases on your base piece. Do you have a favorite saying? A meaningful date? Names of people. Places, pets or your favorite ANYTHING!

Don't worry too much about the amount of words at this point. Use your base piece as a guide and we will take it from there. Our Order Notes Box will expand to hold everything you write. You can also email our E-Commerce director with the information if that's easier.

Other: Please don't hesitate to also send your own images to us by email. Just use the below email address to send us a picture of your dog, cat, home, garden or pick-up truck for inclusion in your piece.

Need more ideas? We have our own library of words, phrases and images culled from many projects we've worked on over the years. We are happy to share with you.

After receiving both your order and the e-mail with your special requests. We’ll confirm with you via e-mail orphone that we’ve received and reviewed your order with special requests.

We are here 7 days a week, so if you have a question, email, call or stop in. ph 802-253-2305 email orders@stowecraft.com

Examples of Custom Sticks Art Designs