Acorn Drop Earrings

Acorn Drop Earrings

Code: sil-earrings-acorn-drop

Price: $75.00


Beautiful little acorns made from chocolate freshwater pearls accented by tiny cast bronze leaves. The acorns dangle from silver ear wires.

0.75" L x 0.75" W

The process for creating this natural looking jewelry begins Every piece of Michael Michaud jewelry starts by 

  1. First with creating a precise and artistic sculpture from a live plant or flower.
  2. Using the Lost Wax technique he creates a mold. 
  3. Hot metal is poured into the mold. Usually bronze but sometimes it is gold or silver.
  4. The handmade artistic details come next.
  5. Finally, metals are patinated, smoothed and natural stones and pearls are set and added.