Tree Charm Bracelet

Tree Charm Bracelet

Code: sil-bracelet-acorn-tree-charm

Price: $201.95


A fun little charm bracelet by Michael Michaud with a tree theme. The bracelet from silver seasons is made of cast bronze, garnet and pearls form acorns, oak leaves, maple leaves, pine cones and other small charms.

Acorns, the seed to mighty oak trees, are known as symbols of strength and potential. The Nordic's believed that acorns were sources of good luck and would carry them with them. An acorn carried on one's person counteracts loneliness, illness, and pain, aids longevity, brings luck, and preserves youthfulness. Acorns will increase fertility, whether this be in matters if the mind and ideas or in reproductive matters. Acorns are often a talisman against lighting, especially when kept on a windowsill. This is why window blind pulls were often shaped like acorns.

The bracelet measures 7.5" Long.