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Pewter Measuring Cup Styles

Useful, beautiful, practical, fun: all words our customers use when describing these pewter measuring cups by Crosby & Taylor Pewter (formerly Tin Woodsman Pewter). These measuring cups have been made famous by Paula Deen who uses them on her popular cooking show, "Paula's Home Cooking" on the Food Network!

Made with food safe and lead-free pewter, these accurate measuring cups are available in nine different decorative themes and make the perfect gift for everyone from kitchen connoisseurs to beginner bakers! All sets include a one cup, half cup, third cup and quarter cup and can be bought alone or with a display / storage option.

Wall-mounted display options include a pewter strip that matches the decorative theme of the cup set or a cherry wood strip. Counter-top display options include a pewter or cherry wood post for hanging the cups. For a particularly well-equipped and well-decorated kitchen, consider the Superpost set which includes one large post with room to hang measuring spoons and measuring cups all on one easy-to-reach display.

Please visit the individual product pages for detailed photos, measurements and prices for all the cup sets and display options. For detailed care instructions please visit our pewter care page.