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Pewter Measuring Cups & Spoons

Measuring tools are one of the top must haves in any kitchen. If you are looking for something different from all the rest, take a look at our Crosby-Taylor measuring utensils and accessories. They make a wonderful gift for a foodie, cook, or chef.

  1. They have a classic look and feel which will complement any kitchen d├ęcor
  2. Are made in American by an artist we've worked with over 20 years
  3. Have substantial handles with the measurement size inscribed on them
  4. Feel good in your hand and make accurate measurements
  5. You can store them near at hand with a pewter countertop post or wall mounted strip
  6. If you have kids or grandkids, they will never forget helping you measure with handmade spoons and cups
  7. Made to be used daily and last for generations

Measuring Sets Options and Styles

We feature 3 different styles: Fish, Celtic, and Dragonfly along with several ways to purchase.

  1. A set of 4 spoons or cups.
  2. A set of 4 spoons or cups with a countertop post.
  3. A set of 4 spoons or cups along with a wall mounted pewter strip to display them on a wall.
  4. Or go all out for a complete set of 4 spoons, 4 cups, and 1 superpost designed to hold and display all 8 pieces.
Each measuring spoon set includes 4 pieces: tablespoon, teaspoon, half-teaspoon and quarter-teaspoon.
Each measuring cup set includes 4 pieces: full-cup, half-cup, one third-cup and quarter-cup.
Select a set with a post or wall strip to have them on display and close at hand. Or, choose just the measuring spoons or cups with a leather thong if you plan to keep them in a drawer or on a hook.

About Pewter

The pewter used to make these items is food safe and lead-free. All designs provide accurate measurements that will satisfy even the most exacting of chefs.

Please visit our Celtic Design, Fish Design, or Dragonfly Design individual product pages for detailed photos, measurements and prices for all the spoon sets and display options.