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Handmade Wire Tree Sculptures by Randy Adams

Copper & Aluminum Wire Tree Sculptures

Vermont artist Randy Adams has been perfecting his wire trees since 1972. Each tree begins with aluminum or copper wire on a spool. The wires are cut, twisted and shaped by hand. For the table trees, Randy hand selects slate to stack into a base for the trees to grow out of. He signs the bases and finishes it all off with a sealant.


The windblown trees are inspired by the trees on the coast of Newfoundland in Eastern Canada. These hardy coastal trees are permanently bent and twisted from the constant ocean gales on the cold windswept coast. These windblown trees capture the force and grace of the natural world.

The maple trees are inspired by the sugar maples that Randy sees daily around his home in Vermont. These tall, strong and stately maples in miniature reflect the both the strength and delicacy of our natural environment.