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Custom Sticks at Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft

Creating Custom Sticks at Stowe Craft & Design

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Custom Sticks Table and Benches

Praise for Custom Sticks by Stowe Craft & Design
And some of our favorites!

Custom Sticks Table for Dennis and Mike

"The table is BEAUTIFUL! We love it! It is fun to look at the table and discover something new everyday. Tell the artist we are very pleased. She did a great job.Thanks again!" –Dennis & Mike

Custom Sticks Mirror for Amie

"Thank you so much for all of your time and help around our sticks mirror. I couldn't stop looking at it after we picked it up. It is exactly what I imaged- I love it! You were great to work with and very detail oriented. Thanks for helping to make it happen." –Amie

Custom Sticks Plaque for customer

"Arrived safe and on time yesterday. Love it , love it, love it! Many thanks."

Custom Sticks Perpetual Calendar

This calendar was a lot of fun to design for both the customer and Susan, the designer. This calendar was all about having some fun at work at a property management company located in New York City.

Susan remembers: "The owner loved a lot of different things and we got it all in!"

The table & benches pictured below were designed with a family who love to travel the world. Their favorite places all pictured on the table & benches are: Italy, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Alaska, Australia, Switzerland, New York City, Bora Bora, Oregon, Canada & Vermont (of course!).

Custom Sticks Dining Table
Custom Sticks Dining Table
Custom Sticks Bench 1 front
Custom Sticks Bench 1 back
Custom Sticks Bench 2 front
Custom Sticks Bench 1 back