Large Sticks Mirror 10001

Large Sticks Mirror 10001

Code: Large-Sticks-Mirror-10001

Price: $1,275.00


This mirror is not only large at 24 x 40 inches tall It has features no other mirrors have. It comes standard with a built in shelf under the mirror. It also has 6 icon- word blocks on each side. The other mirrors have 5. Also - at the top you will see a sculptured doo-dad which adds 4-6 inches to the height.

Mirrors are excellent decor choices. This style adds uplifting words and images in a big way to any space. This mirror can widen a space like a narrow hall or entry way. Can you see how a mirror like this could expand your style or reflect something you love in your space?

Since this piece will be made to order for you small changes in words colors or images are allowed with no additional cost. Just let us know your ideas in the order notes or by email & we will get back to you confirming all the details.