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SKU: SUZ-Pro114sun Vermont Solar Offices
Vermont Solar Offices
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  • SKU: SUZ-Pro114sun Vermont Solar Offices

When a solar company started in Vermont. I was asked to help create an affordable renovation. This was their beginning and funds were tight.  I was able to repurpose old office equipment and make some affordable and artful pieces for their space.  I found a good guantity of reclaimed bowling alley wood I used for desk tops. They were mounted on special steel brackets that curved inward to avoid getting in the way of knees. They were attached at different heights so staff could choose to sit or stand. Low divider walls were incorporated so management when standing up could reach out to all staff and when seated there was privacy. 
I found broken solar panels and used for a  conference room table . I commissioned a pedestal base to hold them. The pedestal style allowed for many people to sit around it. I visited a local surplus office store and the treasures were endless. I picked up $10 stackable office chairs and spray painted them white.  The community break table is held up by a free wood electric cable spool. The chairs around the break table were the same as the conference room chairs but painted warm colors. . Many meetings required engineers standing working around a moveable table. I found 2 old Institutional TV stands that served for the base. The colors used were natural, soothing along with sky and cloud feeling. .