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SKU: SUZ-Proj101kit White Kitchen with Live edge
White Kitchen with Live edge
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj101kit White Kitchen with Live edge

My Client asked me to come into her home and see what I thought should be done. This home, once used just for skiing, was now her permanent residence. The existing style I call "Lodge". The walls, floors, ceiling and kitchen cabinets are all a dark, natural wood color.

After our meeting I measured and planned. My proposal was to focus our energy on 3 rooms; the kitchen, dining room and living room. Changes in these 3 areas would have a big impact. We started with the kitchen.

Fresh Kitchen Design Ideas

Working with my client, reviewing drawings and discussing details, the kitchen update came to life.

Standing in the dining room, facing the kitchen entrance we placed a liquor cabinet. It is a great location for serving drinks. It's near the sink and steps away from the dining, living and deck area. By using textured glass in the cabinet doors we provide an interesting, light, "Welcome to the kitchen!" feeling. 

In the kitchen, we used leathered marble for the countertops. I went to a local stone supplier and hand selected a slab of marble as pure white as I could find. Then I had them leather the top. The leathering process gives it a rustic natural feel and also doesn't show scratches. The marble was sealed with a special finish to keep it from staining. The marble glows without being glossy.

We created an island in the kitchen. For that, I hunted my sources until I found the just right,  thick, live edge wood counter top. The top is  finished to  both bring out the grain and also make it food safe even when cut on. With left over wood from the countertop slab, I had a few open shelves made. These are being used to display some unique kitchen tools as art. Friends love to hang out in the kitchen, so I had 3 counter stools custom made just for them. They add a pop of color to the kitchen and tie it to other colors throughout the home. Finally, we placed pendant lights over the counter. They have cast bronze branches ending with slumped glass shades. Thus style of pendant lights will also make an appearance over the dining room table.