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SKU: From Garage to Office Media Room Modern Media Room
Modern Media Room
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  • SKU: From Garage to Office Media Room Modern Media Room

My clients had a garage they never used located underneath their 4 story vacation home. After years of thinking about what they could do with it, they consulted with me. The idea we developed was for a combined office and media room. I was asked to design and manage the construction project repurposing this garage.

On the media side of the room I installed a gas fireplace. These new state of the art fireplaces bring a wonderful ambiance, super efficient heat and total ease of use. Facing the fireplace, I placed 2 Italian leather swivel rockers and a leather pullout sofa. The comfy chairs turn 360 degrees connecting them with all parts of the room. The pullout sofa adds an extra bedroom for overflow guests. I cut down a dying cherry tree on my own property, and cut up and kiln dried the logs to make end tables next to the swivel chairs.

I separated the office from the media area with a 3/4 high wall created by of bamboo cabinets. In the office itself, I added open shelving to display their prized Red Sox collectables. In the rest of the office and media space I used the same bamboo material as the TV surround. The bamboo provides a light, clean feel. It pulls your attention toward the memorabilia shelves where the Red Sox collection takes center stage