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SKU: SUZ-Proj105kit Kitchen Earthtones and Sparkle
Kitchen Earthtones and Sparkle
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj105kit Kitchen Earthtones and Sparkle

One Room At A Time

Remodel your house all at once or phase it in room by room? This couple prefers the step by step method. The step described and pictured here is one of the big ones; the kitchen renovation. Their goal was to give the kitchen more character and brighten it up.

Winters here in Northern Vermont can be tough, The sun is weak and the days are short. After a few of those short days with nothing but flat grey skies this couple wanted to come home to a warm and sparkly kitchen. They also wanted the kitchen to feel like it flowed naturally to and from the other rooms in the home.

Sparkle � Earth Tone 4 Counters + Backsplash

In this kitchen redo I sourced special tile for the backsplash. It incorporated the colors used in other rooms plus something special about 25% of the tiles have a big dose of sparkle in them.

The countertops are covered with a clean crisp corian. The corian added a lightness that works great with the tile. Corian is also so easy to clean and repair as needed. For the hood over the stove, I commissioned a dark bronze metal hood to keep a balance between the sparkliness and the earthiness.

Mysterious - Steel - Cement - Cabinet + Bar

Another wonderful earthy element was the addition of a care free, cement, bar height counter top with bronze brackets made by the hood artist. I commissioned a different artist to make a steel and cement cabinet you can see on the right side of the kitchen, The steel is rusted and scored to give it a warmer, wood look finish. mid level surface is stained a warm golden color along with some other design elements. The upper half of the cabinet features sandblasted glass doors.

One step at a time is all it takes to get you there.

Emily Dickinson