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SKU: SUZ-Proj107BDFO Updated A Frame Loft and Entryway
Updated A Frame Loft and Entryway
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj107BDFO Updated A Frame Loft and Entryway

Ski House Loft and Entryway

Is it time to freshen up your ski country home? These are always fun projects for me. After an initial interview with the clients, I usually start projects with existing furnishings, family treasures and memoribilia by walking through the home with the clients. As we discuss what we are seeing, I catalog the features, furnishings and accessories. The question is, which are worth keeping and which can be let go. It's rarely black and white! It is one of my most important tasks, getting the key people together and working out what can be let go.

In this ski vacation home, we decided on 2 areas to update: The entryway and the loft

Interior Design Ideas for the Loft

This open, upper level was being used for TV and games.The stairway going up to the loft was enclosed with wooden slats. The loft itself was furnished with a variety of pieces that had been rejected from downstairs spaces.. We decided to make this area pop. Which means I will create plan to brighten it up, bring in some fun colors. and increase the comfort and functionality of it without a lot of expense.

The interior design plan I developed for the loft divided it into TV, game and puzzle and storage areas. I replaced the wood slats along the stairway with a sturdy cable system supported by interesting wormy chestnut wood pieces

One key piece we added upstairs was a deep and low sectional for luxurious feeling lounging. I sourced this from an Italian designer / furniture maker I follow. At the game table, i suggested barrel chairs that swivel with a bright textured and easy to care for fabric,  You can see them in the photos. The zero maintenance game table is another custom made piece. This one is from an industrial artist who combines hand stained cement with steel. It's just the right size for doing puzzles. (One of my wintertime passions) The fun color keeps it lively and compliments the wood ceiling. The warm colors keep the wood from being too heavy looking

Entryway Interior Design Ideas

I designed the entryway to make use of another one of my artist's unique skills with reclaimed steel and wood. In the picture you can see the results:

  • Re-purposed Industrial dimension bolts for jackets, bags and hats in different places I chose in the
  • Cubbies to house the hats and gloves
  • A bench made from reclaimed wood and steel.