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SKU: SUZ-Proj107bed Mountain Home Bedroom Ideas
Mountain Home Bedroom Ideas
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj107bed Mountain Home Bedroom Ideas

Master Bedroom with Fireplace Seating

My clients were so excited to purchase their mountain home. The previous owners had built it in the 70s. It was not fancy but has a lot of character. Now, after 45+ years, the new owners hired me to update the entire home in phases.

In the master bedroom, I kept the original floors wood ceiling and trim. I installed a country contemporary bed with carved texture and side table to match. Stone lamps with hand painted shades stand on either side of the bed. They bring the outside in with nature themed lampshades.

Remarkably comfy and useful swivel chairs are positioned across from the bed, near the fireplace and coffee table. They are low profile and swivel 360 degrees. They turn effortlessly and can face any direction. They are great for morning coffee or evening conversation. They surround but do not block the fireplace from view when the clients are in bed. In this setting, that means you can watch the fire at night, turn to the sun rising in the morning or swivel to talk with someone in any other part of the room!