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SKU: SUZ-Proj108BDFO Bold and Colorful Den
Bold and Colorful Den
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj108BDFO Bold and Colorful Den

Sofa and Wall Cabinet with Color

The den was missing my clients fun colorful personality. There was no place to store her books, treasures and TV. There was no cozy place to sprall out for reading or TV.

First I selected a deep, low, Italian style sofa. The lipstick pink velvet fabric is soft on the hand and feels great next to your skin. The oversize ottoman can be moved around to serve as a giant coffee table or chaise.

On the opposite wall from the sofa is a custom built-in cabinet. This was fun. I inventoried her collection of books and "stuff". Then designed a bookcase / cabinet the would accomodate it all. Next I worked out where I wanted cabinet doors and what the colors should be for each panel. I began with the sofa amd ottoman color, connected it with the dynamic artwork on the opposite wall and went on from there. The cabinet itself is made of steel and wood. The panels are painted with a high gloss auto paint. I commissioned it from a Pennsylvania artist who is talented both in steelwork and artful design.