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SKU: SUZ-Proj110bed Different Beds for Different Guests
Different Beds for Different Guests
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj110bed Different Beds for Different Guests

Peaceful and beautiful Lake Memphromagog straddles the border between Vermont and Canada. This project was a major renovation of a summer home on the Vermont end of this lake. My client's heart and home is open to family and friends. Throughout the summer there is a constant flow of visitors. Best of all her grandchildren. To increase the joy of having visitors, I was asked to help with 2 projects. First, create a designated guest area in her basement. Second, make the main area of the home reflect her love and spirit.

Basement Guest Area Ideas

In the basement a living room, den, game area and 2 guest bedrooms and bathroom were created with a rugged industrial modern feel overlaid with a good dose of whimsy!

Uplifting Main Floor Theme

The main floor feeling is very playful which means lots of color. To make the playful main floor bedroom, I commissioned a 4 post bed with lots of youthful detail in the posts and paint design. In the master guest bedroom I commissioned a furniture maker to create us an unusual reclaimed barnboard bed with its original wide boards and paint. The side tables are repurposed metal cabinets.

For the grandchildren's bedroom I commissioned a whimsical themed bed painted with their most loved characters and animals. I also hung a hammock-swing from a rafter. It makes a great place to hang out and read.