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SKU: SUZ-Proj111din Old and New Dining Furniture
Old and New Dining Furniture
Purchase Old and New Dining Furniture
  • SKU: SUZ-Proj111din Old and New Dining Furniture

Round dining tables are wonderful. You can fit lots of people around it and it's perfect for conversation. The 200 year old farmhouse dining table is a 60" diameter tropical wood slice sitting on an  antique mortor base. It can seat 8 people easily. The wood is distressed and a a bit warped in places. Short people or children are seated in those areas. The table base is an old African maize mortar. It makes for a perfect pedestal. The table finish is carefree.  Children can do projects on it make marks add it just adds to the history. The  oil finish is easily wiped on as needed.  The dining chairs  were made by a Vermont artist years ago. They used to be light maple with clean sharp edges. I commissioned another artist to distress them and add a dark finish to blend with the table. The same Vt artist made an antique looking base to work with the authentic antique corner cabinet. On the walls is a framed apron from Life Magazine. The apron used to be tucked away. I commissioned a Vt artist to make a shadow box for this family treasure  to be viewed all the time