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SKU: SUZ-Proj111liv Eclectic Living Room in 200 Year Old Farmhouse
Eclectic Living Room in 200 Year Old Farmhouse
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj111liv Eclectic Living Room in 200 Year Old Farmhouse

At one point in the 60's this now  200 year old farm house had most all it's old character removed and was replaced with paneling, indoor outdoor carpeting, massive red brick wall with a heatilater fireplace, I decided to move forward in time and not go back to it's original state. The living room was part of the major redo.

In the living room, I kept the original footprint  and opened it up.  I removed the attic floor and opened up the ceiling. The hand hewned beams were a happy discovery. Since there's a extra long spans between the walls and  beams I added steels rods to keep the walls from bowing out. At the far end of the room beyond the fireplace is a separate apartment. Plastic pipes run through the barn board living room soffits to provide water for the apt. I installed  new wide pine flooring over the existing subfloor. It was the perfect clean flat surface. Running furniture over the floors, animal scratches and more add the needed character. Reclaimed barn board trim the windows.  The walls are faux finished with a special paint. The paint application is done with a trowel. The surface still comes out smooth but has a layered look. The paint has a slight luster to it. There is plenty of height in the ceiling so I  painted it with a deep rich color to cozy up the room. The red brick fireplace was very heavy and dark looking. I custom tinted and  troweled a special self leveling material over the brick. The wood fireplace was replaced with an efficient easy to use gas fireplace. 

The room is used for many family activities; TV, conversation, music, viewing art, playing with kaleidoscopes and building forts with grandchildren.  I designed different comfortable seating areas with tables little ones can feel free to use. The drum by the fireplace is used for a coffee table  and drumming  during music time. The swivels chairs by the fire  are great for viewing the fire, swiveling for conversation and  swiveling again for TV viewing.  In the TV section, I placed a low profile italian designed sectional and fun maple red recliner. 

I adorned the walls with art from friends and travel. Throughout unusual kaleidoscopes can be viewed by all 
I made this room a mix of fun activities, fun and serious art. It is truly an eclectic living room