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SKU: SUZ-Proj116livdin1 Warm and Comfortable Village Townhouse
Warm and Comfortable Village Townhouse
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  • SKU: SUZ-Proj116livdin1 Warm and Comfortable Village Townhouse

How to Make This House "My Home"?

This newly built ski townhouse has a wonderful location in the village. You can walk to dozens of locally owned shops, restaurants and town services. Or take advantage of all sorts of other activities within a 15 minute drive. The only thing missing she told me, was this townhouse did not feel like her home. It did not reflect her at all - she just wasn't comfortable with it and asked if I could help change that.

When we sat down to talk, I learned her style was a mix of clean, contemporary and warm, cozy. Her townhouse at this point was conservative with cool shades of white walls and beadboard accents.

Warm + Cozy Interior Design Ideas

The new concept we worked out included bringing in warmer colors and textures, I chose warm neutrals for the main walls and added an earthy saturated accent wall. I began searching for other ways to add texture and warmth into the home.

The Fireplace

First on my priority list was taking full advantage of the potential warm and cozy affect around the fireplace. We replaced the white beadboard surrounding it with natural stones. Above the fireplace, I mounted a large re-purposed metal mirror which picked up on the stone colors and extended more texture and rust-red warmth. Directly in front of it, you will see a large square coffee table standing on a made-to-order, earth tone, Tibetan rug. This comes from from a group of Nepal weavers I have worked with for many years.

Around the coffee table we placed two Italian design sofas and a leather chair. We arranged for the homeowner to sit on lots of sofas before we chose her favorite you see pictured. They have a clean and sleek contemporary look. The seat cushions are amazingly soft and comfortable without looking "puffy". (They actually have 17 inches of compressed foam inside them,) The sofa fabric colors and pillows amplify the warm colorway we began on the saturated color wall.The seating area surrounding the fireplace has become the home's epicenter of warm and cozy.

Earth Tone Dining Room Plan

Next we worked on the dining room area. The square dining table fits the space perfectly. It seats 8 people comfortably. Square is unusual. With it's pedestal base, clean lines and warm earthy colors, it makes a contemporary statement. Another Tibetan rug ties the dining room to the rest of the home with bursts of color and pattern. Against the wall we placed a sideboard.

The dining sideboard was created by one of my New York artists. It is pretty much care free because it is made of steel and cement. Though the materials might be thought of as cold, this artist renders the materials with an ochra color stained top and rusted metal base giving them a very warm feeling. Above the sideboard, I sourced and hung a 3 dimensional art piece. It is made of several one of a kind, patinized bronze boxes from one of my artists. This piece ties in all my client's favorite colors and materials.

By listening carefully to my client I was able to get to know her likes and "don't likes." Soon we were able to decide on choices she loved for her new home. In the end, a standard townhouse was transformed into a home my client now embraces as her home!