Sticks Medium Rounded Top Mirror ONHMIR-61-001

Sticks Medium Rounded Top Mirror ONHMIR-61-001


Price: $1,025.00


This medium sized Sticks wooden mirror is made by hand from start to finish. Hand crafted wooden mirror from Des Moines, IA by the makers at Sticks, this mirror is brimming with color, spunk and fun.

Hand stained, painted, wood burned and cut, this mirror is truly a piece of art that is sure to become a family heirloom to be lover for genreations to come. It's theme is all about family- it's title reads "Home is where the heart is". The top has a white a-frame house with a sun and moon on either side. The sides of the mirror are stitched together like a quilt your grandmother would make. Each piece is thoughtful and made with care. "Set Goals", "Seek Wisdom" and "Grow" are some of the phrases that the mirror has on it's sides. The bottom has classic Sticks artist motifs of a heart and a few leaves.

This medium sized wooden mirror measures 24 inches wide by 33 inches tall.