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SKU: ULT-wands Kaleidoscope Wands
Kaleidoscope Wands
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  • SKU: ULT-wands Kaleidoscope Wands

  • $5.95

Six inch glitter wands for kaleidoscopes and magic. These are the real deal when it comes to wands! They are hand made in America. The liquid is food grade mineral oil. That means it will not evaporate. Even the sand in them is special....colored by a secrete process that creates distinctive background colors. The glitter is extra small- it is very hard to find. But that's what gives our wands the spirited movement that makes the magic fireworks.

The colors we have are Green, Red, Blue, Purple and Gold Nuggets. Just list what color(s) and how many of each you want in the notes section of the order form.