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SKU: 820827 Meadow Grass Reversible Necklace
Meadow Grass Reversible Necklace
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  • SKU: 820827 Meadow Grass Reversible Necklace

Constance Gildea | Meadow Grass Reversible Necklace

You can wear this incredible necklace showing either the day or night side. Constance Gildea has ebonized the night side which highlights the diamond fireflies gliding through engraved meadow grasses. The handset diamonds total .10 ct. weight.

Whenever you wish, turn your necklace over to let the the daylight shine. A brilliant .12 ct yellow sapphire floats over silver mountains carefully engraved into the fine silver pendent. In the foreground, meadow grass seems to wave in the breeze.

The omega chain is sterling silver. The pendent itself is fine silver: it is 99.9 % pure silver compared to sterling silver which is 92.5% silver. The length of the chain is 16 - 17.5 inches, depending where you fasten the lobster clasp.