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SKU: STK-lazy-susan-food-champagne-fruit Champagne & Fruit Lazy Susan
Champagne & Fruit Lazy Susan
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  • SKU: STK-lazy-susan-food-champagne-fruit Champagne & Fruit Lazy Susan

  • $595.00
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Sticks Handmade | Champagne & Fruit Lazy Susan
Food & Wine Sticks lazy susan with Champagne! Inscription around the outer edge reads, ""Be creative. Know love. Wonder. Pop the cork and make a toast. Celebrate with family and friends. Plan a party. Engage in lively conversation. Enjoy!" This Sticks lazy susan has sultry, earthy tones of tan, purple, green and red. This Sticks lazy susan is sure to be the perfect touch for your kitchen counter or dining room table.

Sticks lazy susans are made to be used and loved. Each piece is handmade with you in mind. 

  • Measures 20", 24" and 28"
  • Hand drawn, etched, stained and painted by our popular Sticks artists
  • Clean with soap, water and a soft cloth
  • Made to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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