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SKU: LOG_211 3-Stone Statement Necklace

3-Stone Statement Necklace
Purchase 3-Stone Statement Necklace
  • SKU: LOG_211 3-Stone Statement Necklace

  • $650.00

Terri Logan | 3-Stone Statement Necklace
A handmade statement necklace with a beautiful medley of prong set rough onyx, mottled pyrite and a fossil stone. Onyx offers powerful vibrations of protection, strength and focus while light reflects off the firy Pyrite. The fossil is Petoskey stone, a honeycomb patterned form of Calcite formed by ancient coral in the lakes and rock quarries of Michigan.

  • Measures: Pendant 4 5/8" long by 1 1/4" at widest point; Necklace 18" long, eight wires
  • Materials: hand set in Sterling Silver with Onyx, Pyrite and Petoskey fossil
  • A one of a kind piece as unique as the stones found by Terri