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SKU: SUZ-proj19-white-kitchen White Kitchen Paint and Materials
White Kitchen Paint and Materials
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  • SKU: SUZ-proj19-white-kitchen White Kitchen Paint and Materials

White on White Efficient Galley Kitchen Remodel 

 This kitchen illustrates how you can add details to make a white kitchen memorable, elegant and unique.

In this kitchen renovation, my client wanted use her favorite Benjamin Moore white paint as the base color. I managed the design and installation of several different precise treatments, accents, and incorporated the latest innovation ideas in kitchen storage idea. We kept the original foot print which had been working well for my client. 

I used different whites and materials to add interest but still stay in the world of white. For the counter tops I used 1/2" thick matte white porcelain laminan 12+ imported from Italy. It is available in large slabs.This allowed me to design a countertop with only one seam. The other wonder of this material is you can cut on it and also put hot items on it. "Bullet proof", as the saying goes

The subtle pop of color and focal point is the marble backsplash. The client and I actually went to the marble quarry and picked the just right slab. It was an amazing trip! If you use the zoom function on the images above, you may enjoy the detailed view of the marbled back of the hood. 

We mounted a custom made Laminamon hood in front of the marble slab is . The finish is gloss in contrast to the honed marble and mat countertops. Underneath the hood, to disguise the stainless insert, we sandblasted the frame the same color as the laminan.

The finish paint is a custom colored white catalyzed polyurethane. I  chose a slightly different white than the counter tops This precise color has a sheen to it.  Painting the cabinets allowed us to get just the right style door and shine. 

The other exciting features of this efficient kitchen are the storage details inside the cabinets. We used the latest storage hardware innovations in all the areas. 

  • Corner cabinet has Leman 2. Pulls out with ease so you can get to everything 
  • Pantry has Convoy Lavido Pull outs with led lighting 
  • The garage door lowers behind the cabinet and when up hides the appliances keeping the counters always looking clean 
  • All the other cabinets have pullout features for cleaning supplies, spices, knives and more. 
This kitchen really works!

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