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SKU: 209085 Around The World in 365 Days
Around The World in 365 Days
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  • SKU: 209085 Around The World in 365 Days

  • $199.99
Around the World is one of our most popular themes-- Day vs Night – Lakes + Mountains – Planting + Harvesting all come into view as your turn this 18 inch lazy susan around and around. Details like flowers, pumpkins, snowmen, a buzzing bee, a sun, and a moon make this lazy susan so special. Around the outer rim you can read - Take time to smell the flowers - Enjoy the changing seasons - Seize the day, Relish the night - Grow - Live life to the fullest - Explore nature - Dream big

Sincerely, Sticks is the newest collection from the Sticks artisans out of Iowa! Sincerely Sticks 18 inch lazy susans are at a lower price point compared to Sticks without compromising style, recognizable aesthetic or quality that you have come to expect from Sticks pieces. Each Sincerely Sticks lazy susan is artisan printed, being pulled directly from handmade originals. 

Measures: 18" in diameter and 1.75"h
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