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SKU: 397027 Clothing Optional
Clothing Optional
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  • SKU: 397027 Clothing Optional

  • $225.00
Clothing Optional displays a beach themed paradise! Sea shells, flowers and star fish swirl around the border with the inside showing a beautiful beach scene. A bright shining sun is at the center with sandy beaches featuring palm trees, umbrellas and beach towels. Along the sandy shores is the ocean with a boat and little yellow fish popping up out of the sea to make a friendly hello. The border along the lazy susan has sayings swirling around reading - Collect shells, count the stars, go to the beach, relax, watch sunsets, enjoy family and friends, eat good food, know love, drink great wine.

Each Sincerely Sticks lazy susan is artisan printed, being pulled directly from handmade originals. 

Measures: 18" in diameter and 1.75"h
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