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SKU: 639908 Playful Day
Playful Day
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  • SKU: 639908 Playful Day

  • $199.99
This 18" Sincerely, Sticks Lazy Susan represents the fun and whimsical style that is Sticks. The lazy susan is solidly built to look great and turn and hold up to everyday use for a long, long time. Playful Day features several of the colorful images and motifs Sticks artists have used for years. See how a changing background of blues and greens shows off motifs of apples, birds, playful flowers and buzzing bees. This lazy susan is a great piece to brighten up any space and for the light at heart. 

Sincerely Sticks is the newest collection from the Sticks artisans out of Iowa! Sincerely Sticks 18" lazy susans are at a lower price point compared to Sticks without compromising style, recognizable aesthetic or quality that you have come to expect from Sticks pieces. Each Sincerely Sticks lazy susan is artisan printed, being pulled directly from handmade originals. 

Measures: 18" in diameter and 1.75"h
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