Wesley The Bee Picture Frame

Wesley The Bee Picture Frame

Code: sin5x7FR-Wesley-The-Bee

Price: $95.00


This Sincerely, Sticks printed picture frame is colorful and sweet- just what you would come to expect from Sticks! A heart with wings is perched on the top of where the photo is held with the words "LOVE" in it's center. It's background is blue that then fades to purple. A green vine trickles down the sides of the picture frame. A bumble bee is in the lower right hand corner with a sun and clouds at the bottom. Perfectly fits a 5" by 7" picture frame. The entire frame measures 12.5" by 10.5".

Each Sincerely, Sticks picture frame is hand printed and pulled from a Sticks original piece. Each frame is made in the same Des Moines, Iowa studio as Sticks originals.