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SKU: VARIANTS Snowy Lift-Off
Snowy Lift-Off
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  • SKU: VARIANTS Snowy Lift-Off

  • $139.00
CJ Hockett | Snowy Lift-Off

What an intriguing bird to enchant your living space with! Not only are Snowy Owls known for their beauty and hunting abilities, but they also symbolize magic, mystery and ancient knowledge. “Snowy Lift Off” could actively transform any space from dark to light.

CJ Hockett’s Snowy Lift Off is a brilliant metal print created by infusing dyes directly into a lightweight, specially coated aluminum sheet for a satin finish. It floats half an inch off the wall for a modern sculptural look. 

  • 8x10, 16x20 or 18x24 
  • Waterproof & scratch resistant
  • Ready to hang, indoors or outside away from direct sunlight 
  • Care instructions: clean with a microfiber cloth with water & a mild detergent; keep prints in plastic when storing.
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