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SKU: 089113 3 Nesting End Tables
3 Nesting End Tables
Purchase 3 Nesting End Tables
  • SKU: 089113 3 Nesting End Tables

  • $2,225.00
What a practical fun set of end tables. This is one of our favorite structures. Each 3 legged table stands on it's own. They colors and images realted nicely to each other. And you can nest them together to make a practical, unique and artistic pieve of furniture. The largest - (top) table measures 24"L. x 18"W. x 24"H

The top table has a few uplifting words engraved around the perimeter: Size the day - relish the night - Follow your heart - set goals - cherish family - treasure friends - play - watch sunsets - Be a star. This price is for the set of 3 tables.