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SKU: STK-tray-abstract Large Abstract Tray
Large Abstract Tray
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  • SKU: STK-tray-abstract Large Abstract Tray

  • $1,395.00
Sticks Handmade | Large Abstract Tray
This beautiful Sticks large tray is a stunning piece that would be beautiful to be used in the kitchen or dining room to hold food. It would also look beautiful on a coffee table or living room table to hold nick knacks and other decor pieces. It's up to you where you think it should go- it will demand the attention of all those in it's presence though. Hand etched, hand burned, hand painted and hand stained, this tray is stunning. Reds, browns, creams, yellows and oranges are used in a patchwork quilt pattern. Three circles run along the center with different motifs within. A leaf, a spiral circle and a landscape scene are all included. Each sides has handles to help hold onto the tray. This tray can also be hung- it has pre drilled holes and devices to help you hang the beautiful tray easily.

  • Measures 24" W x 2" D x 18" H 
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