Butterfly Garden Clock

Butterfly Garden Clock

Code: sticks_butterfly_garden_clock

Price: $529.00


This Sticks clock would be perfect for a kitchen or children's room. Although the clock's base is mostly painted and stained in neutral colors, it is filled with colorful butterflies and flowers! The peak of the clock has a scene of a sun with clouds, and a colorful pink butterfly floating in front of the sun. The face of the Sticks clock has a beautiful orange flower where the hands are centered. A bumble bee, and two other flowers decorate the face of the clock. Around the face of the clock it reads: "Make the time sweet - Know Love - Inspire - Create - Love Life - Today is the Day - Believe - Grow - Wonder - Dream". This Sticks clock measures 13 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 15.5 inches tall.