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SKU: 630213 Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl
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  • SKU: 630213 Round Ambrosia Maple Bowl

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These beautiful round ambrosia maple bowls are a work of craftsmanship, patience and the beauty that nature can supply. Made by Stinson Studios, these pieces are carefully and meticulously crafted to give a unique and statement making spaulting pattern in the wood. Much like Spalted Maple and other forms of figured maple, Ambrosia Maple is technically not a specific species of Maple, but rather a general description of any type of Maple that has been infested by ambrosia beetles. The beetles bore into the tree, and with it bring fungus that discolors the wood. Ambrosia Maple is considered a decorative feature which gives the wood additional character. 

These ambrosia maple bowls with "finger spaulting" or "starburst" patterns are a perfect example of spaulting that happens naturally during a trees' life span. Over the best few decades Stinson Studios have developed methods of naturally spaulting wood by burying and aging the wood for up to 18 months. By embracing nature and aging Stinson Studios can enhance the unique characteristics of different woods and create pieces with a balance between form, function and the incredible variation found and created by nature.

Available in several sizes from 11 inches in diameter to 19 inches in diameter.