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SKU: D7_00008872-1500 BED020 Serene Landscape Queen Bed
Serene Landscape Queen Bed
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  • SKU: D7_00008872-1500 BED020 Serene Landscape Queen Bed

  • $6,995.00
Sticks Handmade | Serene landscape Queen Bed
It might be hard to get up in the morning from this sumptuous bed! Queen Bed with tall milled posts. Some of the elements of the design are 3 D carved. A large bouquet of wildflowers blooms on the front of the headboard. Carved and painted on mahogany stained wood, the pink, yellow and purple flowers pop against the dark wood. A lime green edge with scalloped border at the top of the headboard has words of wit and wisdom carved into it: Enjoy Nature, Smell the Flowers, Live Life to the Fullest, Cherish Family, Sleep tight. The bedposts are lavender at the base where they attach to the head and foot board. At the center, bold stripes of purple and russet orange lead up to blonde wood and a lavender finial at the top. A vine of wildflowers trails up one side.

The front of the footboard features a serene landscape of rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, and a cozy cottage beneath a setting sun in an orangy-red sky. A crescent moon and shooting star can even be seen. Thoughts for going to bed and to start your day are carved into the curved top of the headboard on a pale lime green border: Go Out for Adventure, Come Home for Love, Dream, Follow your Heart.

  • Measures:  75" W x 89" D