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SKU: D7_00007747-1500 Floral Mandala Bench
Floral Mandala Bench
Purchase Floral Mandala Bench
  • SKU: D7_00007747-1500 Floral Mandala Bench

  • $1,795.00
Sticks Handmade | Floral Mandala Bench
Gorgeous bench or small table with solid, real-log legs. A decadent rolled carved rolled arm bench hand made by Sticks artists into a piece of art you can rest on! Bright white paint contrasts beautifully with the bold and elegant colors of the floral mandalas: Lavender, mauve, orange, gold and green floral patterns. The center of the bench has a patch of black with words painted in white: The words read: "Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of the bench when there is plenty of room at both sides."
  • Measures:36" W x 18" D x 18 "H