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SKU: CLK014-stk-clkD7_00000341 Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Sticks Art Clock CLK014
Purchase Sticks Art Clock CLK014
  • SKU: CLK014-stk-clkD7_00000341 Sticks Art Clock CLK014

  • $1,989.50


The perfect gift for a loved one or even yourself! This wooden clock- depicted with hand drawn imagery recreates a nature-themed sunrise/sunset- perfect for nay nature-enthusiast out there. The imagery captures the center of natural beauty- in a perfect- circular movement: forest trees and leaves represent the main focus in this item- along with hand-drawn images of different fruits- birds- flowers and elements of the night and day sky - the moon- the stars and of course- the sun. The main colors used for this presentation are blue- purple and green- along with subtle touches of red- black and yellow.

Size:36" Wide