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SKU: CLK006-stk-clkD7_00001692 Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Sticks Art Clock CLK006
Purchase Sticks Art Clock CLK006
  • SKU: CLK006-stk-clkD7_00001692 Sticks Art Clock CLK006

  • $739.00


The perfect inspiration for you and your family - this item is great for both you and your children. It delivers a positive message for education- with the help of the beautifully hand drawn images along with the neutral- warm colors. You can see the run rising from the forest trees in the center- while the actual clock is being surrounded by flowers and leaves. At the very top of the item there is a hand drawn book- while the message found at all 4 corners of the piece reinforce the positive message of knowledge and education: Time to open a book- Ask questions- Dream- Read- Learn- Discover- Share and Seek knowledge.

Size:2"D 13"W 12-16"H