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SKU: CLK014-stk-clkD7_00001896 Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Sticks Art Clock CLK014
Purchase Sticks Art Clock CLK014
  • SKU: CLK014-stk-clkD7_00001896 Sticks Art Clock CLK014

  • $1,989.50


This rustic colorful wooden wall clock looks good inside as well as outdoors on a patio! The vibrantly blended paint features strong colors such as red- yellow and green and it offers a dual view of a home in a more tropical weather- in the center. It has both the sun and the moon hand drawn on the image- and the numbers used for the clock are roman. Surrounding this beautiful landscape are a series of very positive messages on an orange background- and they are: Live it up- Be a friend- Share- Laugh- Kiss and hug- Love life- Be kind- Celebrate- Cherish family- Watch sunsets- Dream and Believe. Other colorful images you can find in this piece are found on the last layer of the clock and they include elements of both the earth and sky: birds- leaves- flowers- the sun and other planets.

Size:36" Wide