Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Code: stk-clkD7_00004071

Price: $1,989.50


This wonderful hand crafted autumn wall clock gives a very rustic- traditional feeling because of its powerful autumn like colors and tones. The main image features a couple of cute pictures- set on a light and dark brown background- surrounded by strong roman numbers. All of the pictures found in this piece are nature-themed- rendering it to be even livelier and all natural. You can also see different pictures of flowers- leaves and elements of the night sky on the outer layer of the work- along with patterns of black and white- dark brown or yellow. The messages spread around the clock emphasize the beauty of life and nature: Wonder- Live life to the fullest- Dream- Laugh- Believe- Find peace- Seek knowledge- Follow your heart- The time is now- Seize the day and Relish the night.

Size:36" Wide