Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Code: stk-clkD7_00006758

Price: $529.00


This beautifully hand crafted time piece is ideal for any living room- den or even nursery. The images presented in this piece are sweet and simple- while the messages spread around each corner of the wall clock- give a sense of hope and inspiration to every reader. The focus is set on the central image represented by the alternating day/night time- having the sun on the left and the moon and stars on the right. The numbers are set on a yellow background and are surrounded by a set of 4 flowers- placed at each corner. Finally- at the top of the wooden clock you can see a beautiful hand crafted image of a flying heart- surrounded by green leaves. The colors used for this piece are mainly green and yellow- with subtle hints of red and white. The messages found at each corner are also simple and uplifting: Make the time sweet- Live strong each day- Believe- Live now- Look back- Look ahead- Make each moment count and Love.

Size:2"D 13"W 12-16"H