Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Code: stk-clkD7_00009611

Price: $739.00


Your kitchen will thank you for it! This bright and colorful wooden wall clock is the perfect addition to every kitchen. The images featured on this piece are very sweet and playful- while the colors painted on the item leave you with a sense of peace and serenity. The main focus is the sun- which is found right in the middle of the piece- surrounded by the numbers- set on a light brown background. Following this image- you will be able to see different kitchen instruments and other related images layered around such as: a cake- teacups- salt shakers- canisters- spoons and a tea pot. At the top of the item there is a beautiful heart image surrounded by green leaves. The colors used for this piece are light pink- light brown with different tones of orange- purple- blue and yellow.

Size:2"D 13"W 12-16"H