Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Code: stk-clkD7_00010361

Price: $739.00


What a great add to your kitchen! This colorful hand crafted wall clock features a creative kitchen scene design- in the center- completed by a leaves- a small flower and 2 cherries- right at the top. The center image shows only numerals 12- 3- 9 and 6 and it is surrounded by tea pots- tea cups- sugar canisters- a baked pie and some more cherries. The entire depiction is vibrant and presents colors such as: pink- purple- red- orange and also yellow. At the top corners of the item you can see positive messages- which are hand written across: Cook up a storm- Partake- Cherish family and friends- Eat good food and share- Kiss the cook and Dessert first.

Size:2"D 13"W 12-16"H