Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Code: stk-clkD7_00010378

Price: $1,989.50


What a great alternative to a plain wooden wall clock - this unique- finely crafted piece features a very creative display: it shows only the numbers 12- 3- 6 and 9- surrounded by a sea of plants- birds and trees. The main background is dark brown- but what gives light and power to this wooden piece are the exceptionally blended tones of red- orange- yellow and green spread across the entire set. The contrast between these colors along with the dark background is truly beautiful and visually creative. Apart from this- the item also features a couple of positive messages which are on the outer layer of the piece: Explore nature- Inspire- Cherish family- Believe- Time in its aging course teaches all things- Know love- Find peace- Wonder- Make the time sweet.

Size:36" Wide