Sticks Art Clock CLK001

Sticks Art Clock CLK001

Code: stk-clkS3_00013556

Price: $3,783.50


This wooden Grandfather Clock is a traditional- hand crafted piece- perfect for any home or gift! The central theme depicted on this item is the autumn season. The sides of the item present a very beautiful autumn landscape- showing falling leaves- brown hills and even snowed mountains at the top. The entire imagery is drawn in dark brown colors and shades- along with touches of burgundy and green as well. You can also see very inspiring and positive messages hand written across the entire piece: The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time- Relish the night- Live life to the fullest- Accept change- Enjoy the seasons- Cherish family- Keep tradition- Know love- Celebrate life- Make the time sweet- Play games- Be a friend- Laugh- Chit-chat.

Size:10.5"D 17"W 79"H