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SKU: CLK001-stk-clkS3_00017822 Sticks Art Clock CLK001

Sticks Art Clock CLK001
Purchase Sticks Art Clock CLK001
  • SKU: CLK001-stk-clkS3_00017822 Sticks Art Clock CLK001

  • $3,783.50


A hand painted Grandfather Clock - the perfect combination between the old and the new! Combining elements of the earth and the sky- this item depicts neutral toned images of the sun- trees- the earth- heart symbols- books and also white doves. The colors used are mostly light brown tones- but you can also see hints of red- dark green- yellow- and blue. For an even cozier feeling- the item displays heart-warming messages at the top of each shelve: Live now- Love life- Tic-toc-tic- Share your dreams together- Live life to the fullest- Play- Laugh- Sing- Believe- Explore- Count not the months- but the moments- Go out for adventure- Come home for Love and Follow your heart.

Size:10.5"W17'D 79"H