Come Home For Love Colored Bench

Come Home For Love Colored Bench

Code: stk-come-home-for-love-colored-bench

Price: $2,415.00


Multi-colored flowers and the landscape accents this bench perfectly. Plenty of space measuring 52 inches wide. Ideal for porches or semi-indoor sections of the house.

On the front of the bench, the artist painted a house among the trees in a beautiful landscape with hills. Half of the landscape is at night, and the other half represents the day. On the back, the scenario hides in a heart. On one side of the bench you can see the sun and on the other side there is a moon. Seize the day, Relish the night, Celebrate, Kiss & Hug, Go out for adventure, Sit and relax, Come home for love, Dream, Read good books, Cuddle, Wonder, and Imagine are the messages written at the bottom of the bench.